Handcrafted Wood Furniture & Game Boards

After a decade of professional carpentry experience, I create some of the finest custom wooden furniture, cribbage boards, engagement ring boxes and travel game sets. When I started Bark Up A Tree Woodworks, I was merely a hobbyist looking for a way to turn my passion into a career, while still being able to care for my special-needs son. I applied my natural interest and creativity and developed a successful business, relying on well-satisfied clients.

When you order furniture from Bark Up A Tree Woodworks, you can be absolutely certain that it is 100% finely handcrafted, real wood. I take pride in every one of my creations, knowing that I am exceeding my customer’s expectations. I can provide advice on grains and styles for any commissioned piece, though I will certainly follow a client’s requests to the letter.

Anybody can saw a 2 x 4 in half. True woodworking though, is an art which takes years to master. If you want beautiful wooden furniture, order from Bark Up A Tree Woodworks.