Trillium Jewelry Boxes

Trillium Jewelry Boxes are a beautiful addition to store your jewelry collection. The Trillium Jewelry Boxes get their name from having 3 layers of storage, like the petals on a Trillium flower. The boxes are made with exceptionally fine woods with very unique graining. This box has a very fine-eyed Birdseye Maple paired with a very beautiful Claro Walnut from a local tree.

Some of the exterior features of these boxes. Arcing radiuses on both the top and bottom. The box corners are reinforced with compound miter keys for a distinctive look. Solid, high-quality, machined American-made hinges are mortised into the box and lid.

The Trillium Jewelry Box has three levels of storage include. The top level has 2 removable trays with dividers. The second level has 3 removable trays. The bottom level has moveable dividers for bigger jewelry. The storage trays have 51 spaces in total. The trays are on runners that are on the inside of the box

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