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WoodworkerI am a husband, a father of 2 sons and the owner of the shop dog Smoke (AKA the mascot). My youngest child is special needs and he is the reason that I became a full-time artist/craftsman. He was the push that I received to make the leap from working for someone else to working for myself. I needed to be home to take care of him when he was younger, so I could work from home and take him to all of his appointments.

I started woodworking in High school. At that time, I didn’t consider it art. I just loved to cut, carve and hack up wood to come up with something useful.  I didn’t know about all the different colors, grain or textures that wood has. I educated myself on techniques, learned by trial and error, and became comfortable in my abilities. I learned how wood is always alive, moves with humidity and how to compensate for that movement.  I am a perfectionist, if a project or a part is not up to my high standards it will find itself in the burn pile.

I come from a very artistic family. I can’t paint with watercolors, acrylic or oils but I can paint with wood. I love doing inlay work and drawing my own patterns.  I’m inspired by the natural world and living things. Bowhunting, Duck Hunting, and Fly Fishing are some of my other passions and influence my work. There’s nothing better than being out early in the morning, either hunting or fishing and taking the natural world in.

Sean Kerry

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Owner – Bark Up A Tree Woodworks

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