My customers come up with such great ideas. One thing is a custom Pegs and Jokers Game Set. A basic Pegs and Jokers Game Set contains 6 boards all of one species. A basic game set is usually from one piece of lumber, so the grain and color of the woods are matched really close in these sets.

Custom Pegs and Jokers Game Set - OddOtaku Set
A Pegs & Jokers game set with 4 wood for team play.

Some customers have requested custom sets with multiple species in a set. Each Expansion Set contains a pair of boards and represents a team or partners when playing the game. I’ve had a couple of sets that have contained up to 8 different species of wood in one game set. It is great when customers come up with a new twist on an idea.

Custom Pegs and Jokers Game Set - Vincent Set
A Pegs & Jokers Game Set with 8 different species of wood.

To make a custom Pegs and Jokers Game Set set, you need to order 3 or 4 different Expansion Sets. Then let me know that you want them made into a game set. If you want a set with a different species for each board contact me and I can get that set up for you. Therefore I may have to build it for you so it may take a little extra time. I will have the custom sets boxed up for you like a regular set with the cards, rules, and pegs.

Here is the button to link to the Pegs and Jokers Expansion Sets in the store :

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