Pegs & Jokers Game Set – Hickory

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PJ – Hickory

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Pegs & Jokers Game Set – Hickory

Pegs & Jokers Game Set – Hickory is made of solid, hand picked, top quality hardwood. My game boards aren’t stained and are the natural color of the wood. All boards are finished with four coats of a Tung oil/varnish blend, waxed and buffed. The pegs in my sets are aluminum, which do not break off in the holes. Aluminum pegs also don’t stick when you pull them out of the holes. The playing cards are Bicycle #808 and are made in the USA. My sets are first class all the way and will last for generations.

I do build custom game sets. You can have a set with all different woods. Or have a set built with pairs of boards so partners can have the same species of wood.

Pegs and Jokers is a partnership or solo game using playing-cards to move pegs around boards. It allows extra scope for strategy by giving players a choice of cards to play. Each player has five pegs, and the winners are the first team to move all their pegs from their START area to their HOME areas. (Get the rules below)

A 2-6 player game sets contains 6 interlocking boards, 6 sets of 5 aluminum pegs (blue, red, yellow, green, orange and purple), 3 decks of cards and the rules of play.

I also have 2 player expansion sets available, which include 2 boards, two sets of 5 aluminum pegs. (The colors are – Black, White, Pink, Spa Blue, Key Lime and Silver). Also an additional deck cards (specify back color, red or blue).

Wood: Hickory (North America)

Click the link below to add a Hickory Expansion set or a Hickory storage box.

Pegs & Jokers Expansion Set – Hickory

Slide Top Box – Hickory | Made for Pegs & Jokers Game Sets

Click the button below for the rules for Pegs and Jokers and rule variations.

Pegs & Jokers Rules Button

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Dimensions 14 × 6 × 6 in

1 review for Pegs & Jokers Game Set – Hickory

  1. Emily (verified owner)

    This is beautifully made and so much fun! My friends and I had a great time playing it over the weekend – everyone was asking where I got it from. I can tell this game will last a lifetime. Thanks Sean!

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